The Company’s vision is simple to “invest in the best

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Sakilo is a rapidly growing South African based company comprising:


Driven by a strong entrepreneurial, customer-centric culture, Sakilo has zero tolerance for complacency and inefficiency.


We embrace change, opportunities and challenges with a proactive, can-do-will-do attitude.


We consistently work at increasing the levels of our service delivery and the competitiveness of our pricing; and we action the belief: Service is being there.

Our vision is to become the leading 
value adding
Broad-Based Black Economic

Empowerment Company in Southern Africa.

The Company’s vision is simple to “invest in the best through a strategy of:

Focusing on core growth and value added industry sectors

Investing in high performance companies with leading brands

Maintaining a longer-term investment approach

Extracting value from undervalued or under performing assets

Maximizing our unique experience, investment expertise and international
   network of contacts.

Sakilo’s portfolio was gradually built up within a few selected industries. The entry into each new industry was carefully considered and often structured to take advantage of Sakilo’s unique access and credibility both regionally and globally. In selecting individual investments, the focus has been on:



Identifying high quality assets and management

Balancing the portfolio’s  geographical investment focus to
  take advantage of the evolving global
investment climate

•Optimally timing entry into each specific investment

Sakilo’s shareholding structure ensures that it is a 100% board based black empowerment entity.


Hands-on in both the expansion of Sakilo and the day-to-day management of our core business activities, we actively demonstrate the true meaning of “integrity”, “accountability” and “transparency”. For us, this is key to building loyal relationships with our suppliers, customers, business associates and our staff.

“Working Together to Empower People and Enrich our Community” together with all of those who contributed to Road to Democracy and our country’s Economic Growth” is the vision and mission that our company was formed around.

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